First things first, we an introduction to your business. 

There are not many words left on the internet that you could call unique and yet when you compose your introduction article uniqueness is the aim for search engine purposes.

Long-tail keywords are the new way to enhance website rankings with search engines. Read this article to get a better understanding - ** These links, by the way, are called back links. I have read the article and rather than copy it here I have linked back to it on the authors website, this helps his ranking, the more the better.

Together we will extract a few select Long-tail and single key words that will be incorporated into your introduction paragraph and added to the hidden "header" part of your web page.

We will also add your website address to a links page at, you now have your first link back.

Things you can do yourself to promote your website.

Add your website address to your email signature. Update all your signage on the windows, doors, signs vehicles etc. Update all your stationery, letter heads, invoices statements and business cards.

If you have a mailing list, either paper or digital, let all your customers and suppliers know you have a new website and email address. Similarly do the same with your all social media applications, Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In.

Online directories are the internet’s version of Yellow Pages. Search for local or national trade directories and submit all your business information, this helps to  improve your website ranking by linking back to your website, the more the merrier. If you are already registered with a directory then update it.

Register with the top search engines - - All these are free to register but they offer a range of  keyword promotion schemes with packages to suit all pockets.

Issue a press release to your local newspapers saying how pleased you are with the launch of your new interactive website and what it provides. You may also thank the web designer, we are a family and we will grow together.

There's a lot of talk about Blogging and Blog pages. It's not everyone's forte but they can be very useful for search purposes. Basically it's a page of content that gets updated on a regular basis. It's best use is for providing tips and advice about your specialist skills or products, use plenty of Long-tail keywords and update it often.

Content is King - a phrase often used by  website designers, although this is true too much content can clog up the system. Visitors trying to find what they're looking for tend to give up after a searching few pages of poorly organised pages. A simple and well-organised website helps visitors find exactly what they're looking for, they don't always want to browse the whole site.

Finally ask a friend, a colleague or a family member for their opinion before launching it. New eyes and new opinions can often spot and error,  inconsistency or confusing navigation.

About Offshore Mailroom


We don't have problems, only solutions.

In 1999 Offshoremailroom started life as Feegan's Internet Lounge, we were the first retail outlet to offer broadband internet access to the public.

We also started developing websites for both business and individuals at reasonable prices along with hosting services and IT support.

Following our relocation to bigger premises in 2004 Feegan's Continental Café was launched to compliment the Internet Lounge creating a great balance between a fun environment and a professional service. 

Towards the end of 2010 we decided to sell the internet café and concentrate on web design and hosting.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer services, going to amazing lengths to ensure our customer's targets are met. Our web services include domain name registration, website hosting and design. Our websites are responsive to ensure they are compatible with all mobile media. If you have an online requirement, we will endeavour to fulfil it.

Offshore Mailroom always maintain a high level of honesty and integrity in our business dealings. We see our customers as partners, with us being an extension of their organisation. We have often suggested less costly options for new clients rather than trying to squeeze every last penny from them, in this way, as their business grows, we can provide them with an expanding range of services to suit their needs.

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